DEC 2022 ● Visually Induced Dizziness

Webinar December 1, 2022

DECEMBER 1, 2022 ● 06:00 pm (CET) 
"Visually Induced Dizziness" 

Visually Induced Dizziness is often described by patients attending the balance clinic. It is associated with peripheral and central vestibular disorders, can be one of the more disabling aspects of the patient’s condition and, if not identified and managed effectively, will impact a patient’s recovery.

During this session, Amy Lennox, Aud, will give clinicians tools and resources to identify Visually Induced Dizziness, context to help explain the condition to patients and tips and tricks on how to manage patients with Visually Induced Dizziness.

DEC 1, 2022 ● 06:00 pm (CET)
Visually Induced Dizziness