FEB 2022 ● Menière Disease and Vestibular Migraine: two disorders on the spectrum?

Webinar February 24, 2022

FEB 24, 2022 ● 06:00 pm (CET)
"Menière Disease and Vestibular Migraine: two disorders on the spectrum"

Menière’s Disease (MD) and Vestibular Migraine (VM) are the 2 most common episodic vertigo.
Diagnosis of both disorders are based on clinical history and on an audiometric exam showing, in MD, a sensorineural low frequencies hearing loss.
At onset, differential diagnosis is often a puzzling dilemma, considering that around 50% of MD subjects are also migraineurs and VM patients, in many cases, report cochlear symptoms during attacks.

Recent works propose that according to phenotypes and comorbidities, MD could be differentiated in subgroups, each presenting peculiarities for onset and evolution, MD with migraine among them. Other authors proposed a similar work for VM patients.

In this webinar, Dr. R. Teggi examines clinical and etiological conditions, commonly shared.