MAR 2022 ● Symphonia - the software for virtual sound environment creation

Webinar March 24, 2022

MAR 24, 2022 ● 06:00 pm (CET)
"Symphonia – the software for virtual sound environment creation"

Symphonia is THE COUNSELING TOOL developed for Hearing Care Professionals!
It provides background noises and 360° directional sound sources, and allows the operator to change in real time the angle and distance from which sounds are perceived by the patient.
With Symphonia it is possible to make the patient feel the benefits provided by advanced hearing aid features.
In this dedicated workshop, Dr. M. Buonocore, from OTOSENSE (MI), will present the goals of Symphonia highlighting the key features of the system, its simple setup and, during a practice session, he will illustrate how the OTOSENSE staff makes use of Symphonia in the daily practice!