FEB 2023 ● Aetiology, diagnosis and management of vestibular disorders in children

Academia Webinar - February 9, 2023

We are honored to announce a series of 3 lectures managed by a International Respected Expert:


Consultant Audiovestibular Physician/Neurotologist and Clinical Lead in Paediatric Audiology, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool. 

Here is the first appointment: 

FEBRUARY 9, 2023 ● 06:00 pm (CET) 
"Aetiology, diagnosis and management of vestibular disorders in children" 

This presentation includes an overview of the developing paediatric vestibular system in children, aetiology of paediatric vestibular disorders, the diagnostic process with evidence based latest methods and their management. The differences in paediatric vestibular diagnosis and disease profiles are also highlighted from the authors’ personal series.