Combo Unit

Viola is a combo unit that integrates a screening middle ear analyzer offering ultra- fast and reliable tympanometry and reflex tests with a diagnostic audiometer capable of performing threshold and speech examinations in AC and BC. Small footprint, complete features set, great reliability and ease of use make Viola the perfect choice for professionals on the move and for installations where space is at a premium.

The models

Viola is available in two models: Basic and Plus. The following table is an overview of the tests available on each version.

Viola Basic Viola Plus
Automatic tympanometry Yes Yes
Automatic acoustic reflex thresholds Yes (Ipsi / Contra) Yes (Ipsi / Contra)
Reflex test with fixed intensity Yes (Ipsi / Contra) Yes (Ipsi / Contra)
Reflex test with increasing intensity Yes (Ipsi / Contra) Yes (Ipsi / Contra)
Quick tests (tymp. + reflex tests) Yes (2 tests) Yes (2 tests)
Acustic reflex decay No Yes (Ipsi / Contra)
Pure tone audiometry Yes Yes
Speech audiometry No Yes

Automatic test sequences

Speed up your middle-ear tests with the two available automatic exam sequences combined with special “fast” algorithms, all accurately developed to shorten the time needed for tympanometry and acoustic reflex assessments.

Ultimate hardware technology

Viola features an innovative pump technology for continuous air flow and a finely-designed probe. All combined with a powerful, DSP-based sound generator board for tympanometry and audiometry functions.

Incredibly portable

Very small footprint, just 2 Kg of weight: now you can carry your complete diagnostic station in a small suitcase!

The probe

Viola features an extremely light, small and sturdy metal probe, which can be very rapidly disassembled and cleaned. The probe is connected to the small Control Box, through which you can select the ear and start the exam.

The display

One of the strength points of Viola is its display: an amazing high resolution, color LCD, on which you can clearly view the results of your examinations.

Embedded speech material

No more external player headaches! Viola Plus features an integrated flash memory for storing your speech material. The screen displays the word currently being pronounced.

Download Technical Sheet
Admittance measurement system
Probe tone226 Hz at 85 dB SPL
Compl. range 0.2 to 8.0 ml
Pressure rangeFrom -600 to +400 daPa
Type of testAutomatic tympanometry
Press. change50, 100, 200, 300 daPa/sec, AUTO
Acoustic reflex
Stimulation Ipsi and Contralateral
Available tests Autothreshold, Fixed intensity, Growing intensity
Only Plus modelReflex decay
Automatic testsQuick A and B (seq. of tympan. and reflex)
Output AC, BC, Speech (only Plus)
MaskingNBN, WN, SN (only Plus)
Frequency range 125 – 8,000 Hz
Maximum intensity AC: 120 dB HL – BC: 80 dB HL
Speech inputs (Plus) EXT1, EXT2, Mic., internal flash memory
Speech tests (Plus) WRS, SRT, MCL, UCL
Talk overBuilt-in or external microphone
Talk backOnly Plus model
Display typeColor graphical
Display size / res 4.3”, 480 x 272
Printer Built-in thermal printer (optional)
PC interface USB (driverless)
Compatible SOFTWARE Inventis Daisy or Noah with dedicated module
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 9 cm - 12.6 x 12.6 x 3.5 in
Weight 2.0 Kg / 4.4 lbs
StandardsTympan.: EN 60645-5 / ANSI S3.39, Type 2
Audiometry: EN-60645-1 / ANSI S3.6, Type 3
Safety: EN 60601-1
EMC: EN 60601-1-2
ClassificationClass IIa (MDD 93/42)