Drum is a hearing instrument test box (HIT) capable of an impressive ambient sounds attenuation, and featured with all the standard tests for evaluating performances of air conduction hearing aids. Directly controllable from the Maestro software, Noah compatible and equipped with coupler and all adapters for any type of hearing aids, Drum is the perfect solution for those most demanding users who are not willing to compromise on user friendliness of their instrument.


Both ANSI S3.22 and EN 60118 standard sequences for Hearing Instrument testing are available on Drum. Automatic protocols with selectable tests, and tooltips for user actions required are specially developed for simplifying the testing procedure.


Size and shape of Drum are engineered to maximize the attenuation of ambient noise and minimize the internal sound reflection. Made of wood, featuring an egg-shaped internal chamber and, thanks to the sound-transparent foam at the bottom, offering a floating positioning of the hearing aid exactly in front of the speaker, Drum is the perfect test box for getting the highest quality test results.


Connect Drum to the USB port of your Windows® computer, the electrical grid, and you are ready to go: no drivers and no additional cables required.
You can control Drum through the amazingly user-friendly Maestro software interface and, if need be, transfer the data directly to Noah.

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STANDARDS EN 60118-7/ ANSI S3.22
AVAILABLE TESTS OSPL90, Full On Gain (FOG), I/O, Attack/Release, Frequency Response, Equivalent Input Noise, THD, Battery Drain, Telecoil
AVAILABLE OUTPUTS Loudspeaker, Telecoil
AVAILABLE STIMULI Pure tone, sweep
Frequency range 125 Hz – 12 kHz
Frequency resolution 1/12, 1/24 per octave
Intensity range 40 – 100 dB SPL
Coupler intensity range 40 – 145 dB
Reference microphone measurement Omni-Directional
Telecoil stimulation range 10-100 mA/m
AVAILABLE COUPLERS 2cc coupler for hearing aids: ITE, RIC, BTE
BATTERY SIMULATORS Standard 5A, 10A, 312, 13, 675
MONITORING Operator interface for coupler monitoring
CALIBRATION Validity: 12 months
CONNECTION TO PC USB connection (driverless)
Compatible sw Inventis Maestro
Noah compatibility yes
Internal chamber Egg-shaped
Internal dimensions 15x25x13cm
H.A. position Floating
Loudspeaker features 3”, full range
Dimensions 32 x 33 x 22 cm / 12.6 x1 3 x 8,7 in
Weight 7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs
Electrical safety EN 61010-1
EMC EN 61326-1
93/42/EEC classification Class I