Oldenburg International MATRIX TEST: now available with Inventis TRUMPET!

Matrix Test with Inventis Trumpet AUD

Speech communication is one of the most important aspects of the human auditory system. Therefore, the diagnostics and rehabilitation of hearing loss should include speech audiometry in noise.

Purpose of the Matrix Test is to find the signal/noise ratio (SNR) that allows the patient to understand 50% of the words (SRT, Speech Recognition Threshold). That is done through a guided, automatic, simple and repeatable procedure.

Oldenburg International Matrix Test is now available with Inventis Trumpet!
Connect your Trumpet AUD to your computer, select the patient from Maestro database or Noah and launch the Matrix Test.

The patient is asked to repeat sentences of 5 random words, presented with a background noise, and generated starting from a matrix with 10 subjects, 10 verbs, 10 numerical adjectives, 10 object complements, 10 qualifying adjectives. This way, up to 100,000 different sentences can be generated which makes it impossible to memorize them.

The examiner marks on the screen what words have been correctly heard by the patient and the software then adapt automatically the SNR of the next sentence accordingly. 
Therefore, the examiner does not have to speak or understand the patient’s native language to score the test!  

The complete exam includes 20 sentences and can be managed through:

  • supraural headphones (TDH 39, DD45)
  • insertion headphones (ER-3C)
  • Trumpet integrated speaker
  • up to 3 external (passive) speakers connected to the Trumpet, usable 2 at a time

At the end of the exam, the hearing care professional will have an indisputable data on his hand: the exact value of the patient's SRT, which is an objective value but nor always easily to measure with a standard speech test.

SRT = +5? the patient understands about 50% of words when the stimulus is 5 dB louder than the noise.
SRT = -2? the patient understands about 50% of words when the stimulus is 2 dB lower than the noise.
The lower the SRT value, the better the recognition of speech in noise will be.

Starting from the SRT value, the clinician will be able to identify the hearing aid more easily to be used for rehabilitation.

Currently, the Matrix Test is one of the most popular adaptive speech tests especially for evaluating the results obtained with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Its availability in over twenty different languages has made it possible to compare the results at an international level, thus making it a standard in the audiological prosthetic evaluation. 


  • relevant for daily life
  • quick and reliable threshold measurement
  • unlimited repeated measurements possible
  • suitable for any degree of hearing loss
  • wide language portfolio

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