Inventis is a high-tech oriented Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge audiology and balance equipment including, among the others, audiometers, middle ear analyzers, hearing aid fitting solutions and balance solutions. 

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The company foundation.
With all intentions to become a reliable and innovative manufacturer of medical devices, Inventis is now one of the youngest and strongest manufacturing company of audiology equipment.


The countries where Inventis is currently represented, either with direct presence or thanks to solid and committed partnerships with local distributors.


Our continuously growing team.
Split in 3 different subsidiaries in Italy, France and US, everyone, from the developer engineers to the sales representatives, passing through production technicians and Customer Care department, is focused on providing the added value to our products.


The number of Inventis products entirely developed, engineered and manufactured in Italy or France.


The door that separates the R&D from the production department, sign of an extreme synergy aimed to supply high quality and reliable products.

We are a voice not an echo.