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SYNAPSYS Video-Scope

Video-Scope binocular system
Video-Scope wireless system
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Video-Frenzel system

SYNAPSYS Video-Scope

SYNAPSYS Video-Scope is a basic solution for eye movement visualization and analysis. Suitable for both diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes, with SYNAPSYS Video-Scope the user can choose between the flexibility and unique advantages of a wireless system, or a more standard wired camera configuration.

Like no other, the SYNAPSYS Video-Scope with wireless cameras provides an unprecedented user experience in terms of patient mobility, freedom of movement and flexibility of use, offering great advantages in performing especially Dix-Hallpike maneuvers.

The wireless solution is provided with a fully washable and cleanable mask made of lightweight rubber, convenient for intense daily practice. The cameras and occluders are easily locked to the mask with practical magnets.

A more standard mask with disposable foams is also available upon request (and always included with wired camera configuration).

SYNAPSYS Video-Scope is fully controllable by our diagnostic software Maestro, which allows video recording of the eye with or without an environmental image and also video playback or extraction. Maestro is the core of all Inventis devices and allows all patients and results to be saved in a single database.

The SYNAPSYS Video-Scope can be upgraded at any time if additional functions are required. In fact, it shares the same hardware as the SYNAPSYS VNG, so positional, caloric and oculomotor modules can be easily activated allowing a complete assessment of balance disorders.

Flexible system
Suitable for both diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes.
Wireless option
Full wireless configuration
The SNYAPSYS Video-Scope with wireless cameras provides unique advantages.
Upgradable system
Possibility of upgrading to SYNAPSYS VNG
Positional, caloric and oculomotor modules can be easily activated.

Camera Wireless or wired infrared digital camera
Sampling rate Wired camera: 25 Hz
Wireless camera: 30 Hz
Connection to PC Wired camera: USB
Wireless camera: Wi-Fi
Compatible software Inventis Maestro



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